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    Overview of two mechanized ball casting production lines of Zhicheng Company

    Release time:2020-07-06 1.Companyprofile"NingguoCityZhichengSteelballmouldCo.,LTD.",thecompanywasestablishedinJanuary2002,theregisteredcapitalof12millionyuan.Isasetofresearch,development,manufacturinginoneofthecastingmachine...

      1. Company profile

      "Ningguo City Zhicheng Steel ball mould Co., LTD.", the company was established in January 2002, the registered capital of 12 million yuan. Is a set of research, development, manufacturing in one of the casting machinery, heat treatment automation equipment and steel ball mold professional manufacturers. The company has a number of high-quality staff, strong technical force. It has obtained ten patents, which has made great contributions to the survival and development of the ball casting industry.

      Company honor: "China Casting Association wear-resisting Casting Branch" governing unit; "Wear-resisting casting Branch of China Casting Association" only awarded Zhicheng "Wear-resisting casting production equipment research and development base"; "Iron and Steel wear-resistant material industry technology Innovation strategic Alliance" governing unit; Member of wear failure analysis and Anti-wear Committee of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

      2. The importance and necessity of using automatic production line to manufacture grinding balls

      Manufacturing grinding ball is a labor-intensive industry, manual work is dirty and tired, the average age of the workers now at about 45 years old, has obvious aging, recruitment difficult increasingly prominent, the traditional manufacturing technology, has not adapt to the survival and development of the industry, mechanization of production enterprise for manufacturing grinding ball is also more and more high, to efficient and healthy development of the grinding ball industry mechanization are considered and the development direction of enterprise, is also inevitable trend.

      Moreover, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the retirement of the older generation of workers, labor resources will be more strained and industry competition will be more intense. Therefore, the use of mechanized production to manufacture grinding balls is of great importance to the healthy development of the industry, which is of far-reaching significance to both the society and enterprises.

      According to the needs of the wear-resisting material industry, our company has developed and developed two series of ball casting mechanized production lines, and both of them have been put into production operation. According to the development and production operation, the following is the introduction:

      3. Zqjx-80-130 simple metal casting ball production line

      Features of the production line:

      3.1. Selection of molding sand

      The molding of the production line is artificially ground with sodium silicate sand. Other procedures such as opening and closing die, turning over, spraying paint, dropping ball, bowl cleaning, sand blowing before closing die, plate up and down movement and turning direction are all mechanized.

      This design USES clay silicate sand, using mold of heat curing, and manual production and is the same, this is a key of the design of production line of a innovation of mechanized production line is also a ball, but clay silicate sand liquidity is poor, cannot use the shoot shoot sand molding sand machine, can only use manual semi-automatic forming, therefore the design of production line in modelling location or by hand, but the intensity of labor is greatly reduced, other stations adopt mechanization. Clay silicate sand compared with phenolic resin, no phenol of poisonous gas, favorable to environmental protection.

      3.2 Leakage model plate design: automatic release device

      The mold of casting ball and casting section is directly buckled on the mold plate, and the mold or mold plate is directly lifted after the mold is made, which will cause the phenomenon of sand belt, especially in the place where the Angle between casting and gate is smaller, the release slope is more prone to sand belt and sand dropping. Therefore, the casting appearance and casting accuracy are affected, and the casting quality rate is reduced.

      The design of an automatic mold release leakage device, so that the casting Angle, the release Angle is small sand from the punch from the smooth, and no sand, no sand, no damage to the sand. Thus, the casting appearance, casting accuracy and casting quality rate can be improved. This release mode is also adopted for the first time in all ball casting production lines, and the patent has been filed. The patent number: ZL.201020625916.3 plate is fixed on the hydraulic cylinder, which can be programmed to move up and down, or manually controlled manually.

      3.3 Mould design: The mould on the production line adopts the patented technology of our company: steel ball mould on the production line (patent no. : ZL200820131076.8), which is improved on the basis of summarizing the technological parameters of manual mould design, so as to adapt to the production characteristics of the production line.

      3.4 Selection of operation driving mode

      Hydraulic and pneumatic comparison: the general production line drive mode is compressed air and hydraulic two transmission mode, compressed air dynamic drive consumption of power, workshop dryness, low control precision, action is not smooth; But the hydraulic transmission, the movement is stable, the equipment volume is small, dryness is small, the stability is good. Therefore, all mechanical actions in this design adopt hydraulic transmission mode.

      Design of hydraulic station: In order to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation, oil cooling device and pressure holding device are added in this design to prevent oil temperature from being too high in summer or hydraulic equipment working for a long time, resulting in changes in pressure sensing and unstable operation of production line; At the same time, the oil temperature is too high to affect the life of hydraulic seals, resulting in the phenomenon of hydraulic components oil seepage.

      3.5 Reversing mechanism: Hydraulic lifting platform is adopted for turning and ferdage, which overcomes the defect that the ball can't be pushed because of sand falling on the ball table when the ball is used to push. Patent no. : ZL201020194956.7

      3.6 The installed capacity of the production line is only 20Kwh, with low energy consumption, which is in line with the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction.

      In 2010 and 2011, the company designed and manufactured simple metal mould ball production lines for Ningguo Kaiyuan wear-resisting Material Co., Ltd. and Maanshan Yifeng wear-resisting material Co., LTD., respectively. After being used on the production site, the expected design goals were achieved. Since yifeng was put into production in May 2011, it has been in normal production for more than half a year. The production line operates normally, with 5 workers in one line, making ∮80 and ∮100 pellets, the output of which is 1300-1600kg at station time. The labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced, and the product quality meets the standard requirements.

      Zqjx-80 ~ 130 ball casting mechanized production line adopts the new sand covering molding process of sodium silicate clay sand metal riser, adopts PLC control technology, leak-mold forming and non-sticking sand and other technologies and technological means, so as to realize the production of casting ball: low equipment cost, low operation fault, low production cost, low labor intensity and low rejection rate; The technical target of "five low and three high" is high production efficiency, high process yield and high mechanization degree.

      4. ZQJX40 ~ 130-F1, ZQJX40 ~ 130-F2 series film-coated sand casting ball production line

      Due to the simple type metal mold casting ball production line one module can produce 4 to 6 ball, can only be used in the production of large size cast ball, the production efficiency is low to medium size ball, so the whole complex sand production line of precoated sand, sand can be shot in a location at the same time for 3 ~ 5 mold shot type at the same time, realize the mold casting, the production efficiency can be greatly improved, solves the problem of production efficiency is lower than the medium size ball. For example, ∮60 is made with 5 balls per mold and 4 balls per mold, which means that the mold is made for 4 beats per mold, the production capacity is increased by 4 times.

      In July 2011, our company designed and manufactured a metal type all-covered sand production line for Ningguo Chengxin wear-resisting material Co., LTD. The equipment model ZQJX40 ~ 130-F1 is now put into production operation.

      The patented technologies used in the ball casting production line include:

      1) Ball grinding mould for production line, patent No. : ZL200820131076.8

      2) Automatic stripping device (plate), patent No. : ZL201020625916.3

      3) Reversing raceway and casting production system, patent No. : ZL201020194956.7

      4.1 Technical parameters related to production line

      4.1.1 Operation mode: The design is open side roll cycle, hydraulic drive and 15KW equipment power.

      4.1.2 Overall dimension of the production line: 20.5m long, 8m wide, with a total length of 73 m, covering an area of 164 square meters.

      4.1.3 Action mode: The full line action is controlled by PLG or manually.

      4.1.4 Running beat: 50 ~ 120 "/ beat.

      4.1.5 Total power of all line equipment: 276KW.

      4.1.6 Installation foundation: Prefabricated foundation is convenient for demolition.

      4.1.7 Molds: the external size is 620*620mm, and the total number of circulating molds for the whole line is 84.

      4.1.8 Process yield. An average of about 75%

      4.1.9 Production per unit is shown in Table 1 (ZQJX40 ~ 130-F1) and Table 2 (ZQJX40 ~ 130-F2).

      Table 1 (ZQJX40 ~ 130-F1) Output of casting table of various specifications

      Note: Calculation method of output at table time (3600 seconds ÷ beat × weight of ball per die = output at table time)

      4.2 The stage time output of the ball casting production line is affected by the following factors:

      1) The output of the casting ball production line depends on the size of the ball, the layout of the mold and the running time.

      2) Proficiency of operators and mutual technical coordination ability of each station.

      3) The actual output shall be matched with the smelting equipment, and the continuous supply of molten steel shall be required within the production capacity of the production line.

      4) The design and production capacity of the casting ball production line is slightly larger than the melting capacity, so as to avoid the waste of electricity caused by molten iron waiting for the production line.

      5. Zqjx-80-130 series, ZQJX40-130-F series, manual comparison (see Table 3).

      Table 3 comparison of the costs of the three production methods (∮80 ball) yuan /T

      Note: The calculation method of product wages per ton (number of people ×15 yuan/hour ÷ output per hour).

      Summary: As can be seen from Table 4, the production cost of ZQJX-80-130 simple metal mold casting ball production line is slightly higher than the manual manufacturing cost, and the production cost of ZQJX40-130-F series coated sand casting ball production line is higher than the manual manufacturing cost of 200-300 yuan/ton. Zqjx40-130-f series coated sand casting ball production line has the highest production efficiency. Users can choose the configuration of the casting ball production line according to their own conditions (production scale, product specifications, funding conditions, market prospects, site, power equipment) to give full play to the production efficiency of the casting ball production line.

      Welcome the general wear-resisting material enterprise to carry on the technical exchange with my company, my company wholeheartedly makes own contribution for the development of wear-resisting material profession.

      Address:Changye Road,Ningguo City Economic and technological development,Anhui Province


      Tel: +86-563-4187908

      Fax: +86-563-4172769

      E-mail: Web@ngzc.com

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